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Seneca Bee 

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January 2006 Photos & Video!


Seneca is the newest addition to the AES family and the first second generation breeding. Born on February 28, 2004 at 1:00 am. 

He is named after my very first horse, Seneca Bay.

Looking very pregnant in January

seneca2004_0228AR.jpg (237672 bytes)
Just arrived

I watched Lysa closely for 3 days, not straying very far or long from home as she was waxing and then dripping milk all day Friday. Friday night we went to bed at 10:30 and Rainer wanted to know just how often I planned on getting up and the first time. I said around midnight and about every hour to hour and a half, figuring that I would do so and she would have her foal at like 6 am for spite! 
Midnight came and I really didn't want to get out of my nice warm bed, but was out in the barn by 12:30 and there was Lysa lying down with a couple little hooves poking out. Went back into the house, let Rainer know and zipped back out to the barn to see a nose. After a few minutes Lysa produced a slick dark foal and just lay there admiring it, not quite sure what to do next.

seneca2004_0228AD.jpg (217575 bytes)

seneca2004_0228AB.jpg (213115 bytes)

This is when I went quietly into the stall and made sure that the sac was clear of the nostrils and gently pulled him closer to Mom's head. She immediately started nickering and licking him off with him making little answers back. As she was in no hurry to get up, I helped towel him off somewhat and checked to see exactly what sex he really was. Also as he dried off, it became apparent that he was a mousy colour and not jet black, indicating that he actually will shed out to be a black beauty! 
In no time at all Mom and kid were up, Seneca with a little support from Rainer, with Lysa being a very attentive and proud mom. For her first foal she took it all in stride and stood rock solid as he attempted to find the nipple and get a "grip". Didn't take long and he had a full belly and crashed after getting his too big blanket put on.

   seneca2004_0228AF.jpg (185331 bytes) seneca2004_0228AG.jpg (169934 bytes)
seneca2004_0228AN.jpg (145082 bytes) seneca2004_0228AP.jpg (237789 bytes)

seneca2004_0301AC.jpg (125163 bytes) seneca2004_0301AJ.jpg (143889 bytes) seneca2004_0301AK.jpg (128830 bytes) seneca2004_0301AL.jpg (253714 bytes) seneca2004_0301AA.jpg (190049 bytes) seneca2004_0301AO.jpg (54522 bytes)
Less than a day old and first time out

Seneca looks very much like Charlie's other foals, long, long legs and down on the pasterns to start, more spindly than Hennessy's, and a little slower to unfold. The parts are all there and he has a great hip, long slender neck and fine head with beautifully shaped ears. Although he has the quality to remain a stallion, he will be gelded at just over a week old and offered for sale. He has both halter and performance written all over him already and will finish up over 15 hands, stunningly black with his sharp sock. I would not be surprised if he turns out to be an English Pleasure horse.

Later on Saturday afternoon we put Lysa and Seneca out for the first time so I could give the stall a good cleaning. Rainer was impatient with the little guy and gave him a hand getting out of the barn...

Seneca is slowly unfolding and looking pretty nifty. He is super sweet and just loves people and scratches. Like a big dog, he will follow you around poking at you for attention with a lovely soft look about him,

seneca2004_0304AB.jpg (98552 bytes) seneca2004_0304AC.jpg (127284 bytes) seneca2004_0304AD.jpg (75965 bytes)
5 days old and really have the hang of those legs now.

My it has been awhile since putting photos up! He is starting to shed out and has definitely filled out to a very smooth and elegant boy at almost 2 months of age. Seneca will also be attending the Tulip show the first weekend in June. (8 weeks old below)

seneca2004_0423d.jpg (165958 bytes) seneca2004_0423i.jpg (143906 bytes) seneca2004_0423k.jpg (42797 bytes) seneca2004_0423n.jpg (172764 bytes) seneca2004_0423s.jpg (78059 bytes) seneca2004_0423p.jpg (127654 bytes)